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The certification center «Rostest Ural» for many years has successfully provided services in the field of confirmation of quality of production. The qualified specialists of the center are proud not only with extensive experience in this sphere, but also high with level of competence and acquaintance to all innovations. Clients are happy with high quality and necessary speed of work of the center of certification. These advantages allow the center to maintain the rigid competition in the area.


The certification center «Rostest Ural» is ready to assume a role of the intermediary between the customer and the organization which is independent of the producer and the consumer which certifies compliance or discrepancy of production to the established requirements. Experience of collecting necessary documents and registration of requests for obtaining different kinds of permissive documents document will allow saving the time of customers, and the principle of «one window» and possibility of order of several certificates at the same time also saves the money.


Procedure of confirmation of compliance, according to Rosstandart definition, is called as production certification. After carrying out laboratory researches of product samples the certification body issues the so-called certificate of conformity or other certified document for services or production, being official confirmation of its compliance to all norms and requirements.


Significance and usefulness of certified procedure are clear today to all producers and offtakers of goods. During certification the production is identified, compliance to its standards of safety and to other necessary requirements is confirmed. Thanks to this procedure in the commodity market of the Russian Federation quality of goods and services declared by the producer or the seller is supervised. Certified production can be exported or imported. If the firm has the international certificate, it can take part both in Russian and in the international competitions on quality, and also to apply for obtaining the state order with participation in tenders.


If a company offers the certified goods and services, it can increase the trust from both consumers, and from investors, insurance and law firms. Thanks to certification the consumer can be protected from the unfair producer. Certification directly influences safety of environment, life and health of citizens.


People who want to enjoy services of the certification center «Rostest Ural» just need to contact its employees, to explain a task, to answer a number of questions and to provide the list of necessary documents. The staff of the center will be engaged in all subtleties and details of procedure of certification. We appreciate time of our clients.

In the certification center «Rostest Ural» the following types of documents are made out:


— The certificate of conformity confirming that production conforms to quality and safety requirements. It can be given out on a mass production, single party or the contract;


— Certificate of origin. It is necessary if the goods are imported or exported, points to the manufacturing country. It is shown at customs and allows using reduced customs tariffs;


— Rostekhnadzor certificate, allowing operating the equipment and explosives where minerals are extracted;


— The fire certificate confirming that production conforms to requirements Tecnnical Reglament about fire safety. It is made out without fail on construction and finishing materials, electric devices, gas coppers and other types of production, potentially fire-dangerous;

— The negative letter for trade is made out if production doesn’t need obligatory confirmation of compliance;


— The ozone conclusion allowing import/export of production containing ozone-depleting substances;


— The  declaration conformity  in which the producer officially declares safety of the production and its compliance  to standards;


— The ecological certificate of Euro 4 confirming compliance of the car to requirements to the international ecological classes of Euro;


— Approvals like the vehicle, compliance confirming it to a number of standards and the international rules;


— The certificate of ISO 9001 confirming compliance of quality of management system, operating at the enterprise, to the international standards;


— The certificate of ISO 14000 testifying that the system of ecological management introduced at the enterprise conforms to the international standards;


— The certificate of OHSAS 18001 which confirms that system of management of health protection and safety of the personnel conforms to the international standards and other certified documents;


— Other types of permissive documents.


Our certification center also provides services in the field of licensing of all activity kinds.


Contact us and the employees of our certification center will give qualified answers to all your questions, and in some cases will help to carry out the procedure of confirming the quality of production.

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